Lead Authors: K. Picard, A. Leplastrier, K. Austine, N. Bergersen, R. Cullen, N. Dando, D.Donohue, S. Edwards, T. Ingleton, A. Jordan, V. Lucieer, I. Parnum, J. Siwabessy, M. Spinoccia, R. Talbot-Smith & C. Waterson

Contributing Authors: N. Barrett, R. Beaman, D. Bergersen, M. Boyd, B. Brace, B. Brooke, O. Cantrill, M. Case, J. Daniell, S. Dunne, M. Fellows, U. Harris, D. Ierodiaconou, E. Johnstone, P. Kennedy, A. Lewis, S. Lytton, K. Mackay, S. McLennan, C. Mitchell, S. Nichol, A. Post, A. Price, R. Przeslawski, L. Pugsley, N. Quadros, J. Smith, W. Stewart, J. Sullivan, M. Tran & T. Whiteway

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Chapter Contents
1. Introduction
1.1 Scope
1.2 How to use guidelines
1.3 Related standards and publications
2. Pre-survey Planning
2.1 National coverage consultation and upcoming survey register
2.1.1 Existing data coverage
2.1.2 National Bathymetry priorities
2.1.3 AusSeabed coordination tool
2.2 Research and survey permits
2.3 Seabed mapping data collection considerations
2.3.1 Data type, formats, and metadata
2.3.2 Survey area characterization
2.3.3 Data representation (seafloor coverage and resolution)
2.3.4 Quality assessment / uncertainty scheme
2.3.5 Platforms & systems
2.3.6 Dimension control of sensor offsets
2.4 Project team
2.5 Field survey instructions
2.5.1 Geodetic control and horizontal datum
2.5.2 Tidal or ellipsoidal datum
2.5.3 Sound velocity profiling
2.5.4 Time and date
2.5.5 Line planning
2.5.6 Seabed samples
2.6 Submission of plan, data and notifications
3. Mobilisation, Calibration and Validation
3.1 Overview
3.2 Dimensional control
3.2.1 Physical offset survey
3.2.2 Rotation offset survey
3.3 Horizontal positioning
3.4 Vertical positioning
3.4.1 Depth validation
3.4.2 Settlement and squat
3.4.3 Vessel draft
3.4.4 Sound velocity
3.4.5 Tidal station
3.5 Patch test
3.6 Seafloor backscatter calibration
3.7 Water column backscatter calibration
3.8 Built-in systems test
3.9 Final acceptance test
4. Acquisition
4.1 Survey plan
4.2 Project structure and nomenclature
4.3 Systems settings
4.3.1 Bathymetry
4.3.2 Backscatter
4.3.3 Transit data
4.4 Ancillary systems
4.4.1 Sound velocity profile
4.4.2 Tides
4.5 Monitoring, QA/QC & data backup
4.5.1 GNSS positioning
4.6 Mandatory notifications
4.6.1 Dangers found – hydrographic notes
4.6.2 Underwater cultural heritage notification
5. Data Processing
5.1 Data processing considerations
5.1.1 During survey
5.1.2 Post-survey
5.1.3 Backscatter processing requirements
5.2 Total propagated uncertainties (TPU)
6. Reports
6.1 Mobilisation, calibration and validation records
6.1.1 Logs
6.1.2 Report
6.2 Record of survey
6.2.1 Logs
6.2.2 Report of Survey
7. Data Release
7.1 Data submission to AusSeabed
8. Multibeam Acoustics for Marine Monitoring
9. References

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